We Need Lunch Buddies!

What is a Lunch Buddy?

The Lunch Buddy is a daily parent volunteer who gives extra support to our Developmental and Traditional Kindergarten, and other grade classes during lunch hours.

What are the Lunch Buddy’s Responsibilities?

  • On your volunteer day(s) you will sign the volunteer log in the front office with Mrs. Say/Ms. Liu at their designated times and put on a visitor sticker.  
  • You will need to head to the DK room to help escort the DK students to the lunch room, or join them there if the class has already left.

Please know, you will not be able to eat lunch with your child directly, instead you will help settle the DK/K students as they sit down and begin eating. You are then free to roam the lunch room and help the other grade kids as well.  

All Lunch Buddy volunteers are working in conjunction with the Addams Lunch Staff however, DK/TK are your primary charges and you should not leave their area.

If you would like to volunteer email addamslunchbuddy@gmail.com to get involved. 

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Lunch Buddy FAQ

What does a Lunch Buddy do?

Things you will help with:

  • Getting a head count of the DK class that day
  • Opening containers/water bottles/juice pouches/ect.
  • Helping with noise or behavior issues/Directing students to the bathroom
  • Walking with students to and from playground 
  • Escort DK students back to their classroom after recess.

Your participation ends when recess ends.  You will help students line up and direct them to their teachers then sign out with the front office.  

Your time commitment will be just over 1 hour

  • 11:00-12:00 (DK/K & 3)
  • 11:30-12:20 (1 & 2)
  • 12:00-1:00 (4 & 5)

We ask that each volunteer commit to one day each calendar month for the duration of the school year.

You will need to contact the chair of the Lunch Buddy program as soon as you know you are not going to make your allocated date/time. 

If you have someone to cover in mind prior to calling, that is appreciated as well. 

Who do I contact? 

  • Chair: Sarah Barber – 248-990-4741
  • Co-Chair: Sarah Schwarz – 313-231-4781

This program is only run during school hours and therefore, all volunteers will adhere to Addams Elementary safety rules.